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  VACCINE FAILURE – Priceless Instructions to Poultry Farmers Vaccines failure is said to occurs when all the diseases (Gomboro, Coccidiosis, and NCD) we are trying to prevent still occur. These diseases are best prevented than cure. May Gomboro, Cocidiosis and NCD never visit your farm in Jesus name Amen. If it occurs, especially gomboro, you will vow never to ... Read More »



Buyers of our products sent in the following comments. Kindly visit balanced feeds group for more comments and live interactions. Click https://web.facebook.com/groups/1656401117929705/ Kudos to Mr. Emmanuel for the feed formulation software, it’s the best I have seen, despite that I have two other feed formulation application but his own beats them all. I just downloaded the trial version and I ... Read More »



Talk to Mr Jacob Emmanuel today about your feeds challenges SOLVING FARMERS FEED CHALLENGES THROUGH ADVANCED FEEDS/CONCENTRATES FORMULATION & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE. Feed takes over 60% cost of all animals production!!! – As a farmer, I know this is not news to you BUT what are you doing to address this major challenge confronting your success in this noble profession? Are ... Read More »

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